The Whiskered Dog

This is the new site forDoug Metcalf, who is The Whiskered Dog. I will not be selling anything, nor will I expect you to even approve what I will do here. However, if you like it, that is fine with me. If not, I am old enough to take it. Really my only goal is to have some fun. So sit back, relax and let's go for a journey together, into my world.Life isto short to not have some fun and to share it with friends.

This is Freda, my German Wirehaired Pointer. She loves to sit in this window at the cabin and just look out to see what only she sees. This represents me at this stage of my life. I look out to see what ever it is that is there and try and enjoy it for what it offers. I have  a saying on a plaque attached to a rock in the yard that says "Some times I sits and thinks, and some times I just sits." This pictures represents both of us.