The Whiskered Dog
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                              A WARM WELCOME FROM DOUG

    Doug is The Whiskered Dog

to the site of the new The Whiskered Dog™. Actually, it will now be the site for Doug Metcalf who is The Whiskered Dog.
If you are looking for the old site that sold shirts, caps and other gear for the hunter, you will find that does not exist any longer. I am dedicating the new site to my books and my writing. I am also doing it on my own so you will have to bear with me as I will have it under construction most of the time.

    I call the writing style I use as conversational. In other words, it is written just as if I were speaking with you. I try and engage you as if you and I were sitting across the table from each other, and we were just talking. I also call my individual chapters, narratives rather than stories. So it is really a collection of narratives, not a book of short stories. I hope you find it ok as well as enjoyable.

    MY first book, published in 2007 is called The Stock Dam Philosophies. It is not a philosophy book at all, rather a collection of short stories that I first published on the old web site and then made into a book. 19 chapters of memories of mine and they cover hunting, images from the farm; a letter my dog wrote to me; a letter I wrote to my grandkids and memories of friends and family. It is written in the Conversational Style that I try and perfect, so it is as if I am sitting telling you the story that you see in print. Actually, it is a rather fun book to read, and it does not take you long to do it. Check it out at your local bookstore. They will have to order it, more than likely, but if enough ask for it, they may start to carry it. I would like that. 

        THE second book is titled ONE-The Book. A much different book in that it has to do with my late wife and the battle with pancreatic cancer she went through, and it is followed by the one year that followed in my life as a surviving partner. It is now available direct from the publisher,; Barnes and
. It is available in both hard cover and soft cover. I am really pleased with the way it turned out and I think you will like it. It is the kind of book you would want to share, or even give to someone you know who has lost a spouse. It has emotion from laughter to crying, but mostly, it made me feel better to write it, and 
maybe help someone in a similar situation. The reviews from those who have read it are very encouraging. If you choose to own a copy, let me know what you think.

You have the opportunity to see excerpts from both books to give you an idea of what will be contained inside the covers.

Here is what you will find as you scroll though my site. When you see the tabs at the top of the page, here is what you will find behind them:

WHISKERED DOG: This is where you are now. 

BOOK SHELF: Contains a brief description of my books.

DOUGS RAMBLIN'S: This is where, on ocassion I will have a new narrative (story) to share.

STOCKDAM PHILOSOPHIES: An overview of my first book.

ONE-THE BOOK: An overview of my latest book.

THE THINGS I SEE: A fun place to see some of the pictures displayed. Part of my new hobby.

GUEST BOOK: Here is your page to give me some feedback, advice or, well, other comments you may have.

IF you want to purchase any of my books, go to your local book store and they can order it, or any of the on-line stores such as Authorhouse or Amazon, and you can get them there. You can order from Authorhouse by clicking here: 

I look forward to our time together and I would sure like hearing from you. I have provided a page,(guest book)  just for that.